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Our practice is proud to have served patients in our community for over 25 years. The combination of continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to offer you and your family the high level of care you're looking for. Dr. Sue Lee and her staff will give you a warm welcome and their ongoing commitment to your dental health.
You and your family will be pleased to find that your visit is pleasant and low-stress, and we're always happy to treat patients of all ages.

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- JH

"Dr. Lee: Thank you for recommending the new FlowTect appliance for my orthodontic maintenance. The previous retainer appliance helped reduce my tongue thrusting. The new device, however, is much more comfortable to wear, enabling me to sleep better the entire night. It has also reduced nighttime coughing, etc. I also feel it has stabilized my teeth in general as it fits the roof of my mouth better.
Your procedures are above and beyond traditional orthodontics."


"I am very glad I chose Dr. Lee for the orthodontic treatment of my two children. Her approach in their case was to start a little earlier and guide the teeth in, then adjust. Other orthodontists seem more inclined to wait and then try to fix the alignment sometimes requiring tooth removal or surgery. With Dr. Lee, it is a whole-mouth approach beyond cosmetics. With treatment, a child who had speech, eating and sleeping difficulties had improvements in all these areas.
Both children also had beautiful cosmetic results and Dr. Lee works to be sure the teeth stay in place long after treatment concludes. The office is bright, attractive, and comfortable and the practice runs very efficiently."



“My name is Yolonda D. and my son John for years suffered from ear infections and had tubes inserted. He had at least five infections a year. Jon also was diagnosed with speech problems and has been seeing a speech therapist for the last three years. I came to see Dr. Lee just for a second opinion because the first dentist said to return after all his baby teeth fell out.
Dr. Lee was shocked to see his throat structure and asked me if it was affecting his speech, breathing, and ears. I honestly had no idea about a possible connection, but today, seven months later, he hasn’t had an infection again and was released from speech therapy. His proficiency in reading has improved 80% and his smile is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you Dr. Sue Lee for all your help and to show me that having straight teeth is more than esthetics but also is about health!”


"Dear Dr. Lee, I just wanted to write and thank you for the new upper retainer that you recently invented and prescribed to be worn overnight.
I have been under your care for a considerable length of time and have tried several retainers. This is the first retainer that I feel has made a big difference. I am breathing more comfortably and am not grinding my teeth. As a result, I am getting a good night sleep unlike with the previous retainers."



"One of the best places for orthodontics. We send all our patients here as they don't only straighten your teeth but also help kids breathe better.
We see many kids with narrow palates due to pacifier use when they were babies. They correct this with a special appliance which is very helpful for the kids. Highly recommend!!"


“I was ashamed to smile, whenever I took pictures I would smile with my lips closed so that my crooked teeth wouldn’t show. My main problem was that I thought an orthodontic treatment was way too expensive since I don’t have dental insurance, and therefore out of my reach.
Besides having very crooked teeth and a weird bite and smile I also had bruxism (teeth grinding at night) – my mom said I got it from my dad, but I think it was because of my stressful days. When I started using a night guard as to not grind my teeth at night anymore (I had a cracked tooth and exposed root because of it and had to put a crown on my molar), I started thinking about braces again, but when I broke my night guard because I still grinded my teeth at night, I knew I needed help.
I looked into “cheap” and “quick” solutions like the “6 month smile” treatment (this does not fix your bite or any other orthodontic problems you may have) and found out it wasn’t for me because of my night guard. Without any other options, I visited an orthodontist in my town and she told me that I would need to have about 5 teeth extracted in order to start the treatment… I ran out of there like I had seen a ghost. I didn’t know what to do, I had to choose between a temporary help [another night guard] or to tackle the problem by its root once and for all. I decided on the cheapest although temporary solution: I went to my dentist for another night guard – and then she told me to go to Dr. Lee in Framingham and have a consultation with her instead.
Dr. Lee saw my problem, and knowing I needed help ASAP, started my treatment that same day – exactly 1 year and 1 month ago to this date. She worked with me on a payment plan that I could afford and my treatment was done within 13 months! I am now wearing my permanent retainers and for the first time in a long time I can’t stop staring at my teeth in the mirror and smiling! Dr. Lee’s entire staff is great and very knowledgeable and above all caring. They helped me with emergencies and endless questions and worries and always had a smile on their faces because of everyone’s hard work, today I’m the one smiling!
Dr. Lee I want to thank you for your hard work and diligence and for also thinking outside the box so that your patients can have better treatment and therefore better results! I truly hope more people will come to you before having an orthodontist pull their teeth without letting them know about the terrible consequences of such actions in the near future.
As for me, I’m looking forward to days filled with more smiles and mornings without a dislocated jaw due to teeth grinding at night, because now my smile and my bite are in perfect sync!”



"I can’t tell you how much I love my new retainer. Having had braces a while back. I’ve had several retainers, but none compare to this one. Immediately, the first thing I noticed is that when I wake up in the morning ( now that I sleep through the night) is that my face is o much more relaxed that is was when wearing any other retainer to bed. I never realized how much my cheeks and lips “worked’ when I slept with other retainers in my mouth. You said that I would breathe better, and I never really through I had a breathing issue, but immediately, I felt able to breathe much easier, I actually love it.
Oddly, it is more comfortable than not wearing any retainer, because I know I will grind less.
I just love it. You tried to tell me I would, and you were right. I can’t say enough about it.
I’m going to have my husband, who is a terrible snorer, come see you about one for himself."


"Since I have worn my appliance from Dr. Lee, I feel that I breathe better at night, sleep more soundly and wake fewer times at night."



"I first came to Dr. Lee in 2012, at the age of 62, for braces to realign my bite. This was preparation for an extensive series of dental procedures which included 4 implants and 20 crowns all of which needed to be put into proper alignment. I was very apprehensive. Dr. Lee expertly and patiently did the orthodonture over a period of 14 months. I have been coming to her to maintain this ever since. She has made several retainers to maintain the position of the teeth and provide me a comfortable fit.
In April, during my 6-month checkup, I told her about the problems I was having using the upper retainer because I have sleep apnea and it was difficult to breathe properly. I also mentioned my wife has often complained that she would need to either leave because of my snoring at night or spend time nudging me back into breathing several times during the night. Dr. Lee then shared with me work she has been doing on a breathing apparatus which could improve sleep for patients who also suffer from sleep apnea. This device has the added benefits of improved breathing, balance, and of course, protecting my bite.
Dr. Lee asked me if I would be interested in trying out this new retainer, she had developed which could relieve some of these problems. The apparatus is no more than a retainer with some built up areas, fitting more comfortably than my upper former retainer had. I told her I was very interested
My experience has been very positive. My snoring has decreased substantially, according to my wife, as has sleep apnea. Neither is completely resolved but significantly improved.
Additionally, Dr. Lee said this apparatus would help with my balance. As a golfer this too was an attractive advantage to wearing this device. The new apparatus has given me more stability and better breathing when playing golf and I have scores over the two months I have worn it to prove it! And because of the balance and breathing benefits I also wear it for other outdoor activities such as mowing the lawn and hiking.
This device has definitely improved my quality of sleep and everyday undertakings. I am looking forward to the next phase in the development of Dr. Lees apparatus."

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Appliance Testimonial 1 - Full Story

Dr. Lee has years of experience and training from Brown and Harvard University provide her the ability to give you excellent orthodontic care. Through a deep analysis of your mouth, Dr. Lee will provide a detailed treatment plan to best suit your needs.
Listen to this amazing testimonial from one of Dr. Sue Lee's patients.

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Dr. Lee has years of experience and training from Brown and Harvard University provide her the ability to give you excellent orthodontic care. Through a deep analysis of your mouth, Dr. Lee will provide a detailed treatment plan to best suit your needs.
Listen to this amazing testimonial from one of Dr. Sue Lee's patients, and how it changed her life for better!